Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music Olympics Summer 2012

And the winner is....

Sidney Lewis 410

Maddie Dobbins 300

Emily Lewis 195

Thanks for participating!

Breana Stinchcomb 100

Holland Carter 50

Gracen Carol 50 

Kaylea Vance 50

Lindsay Delaughter 45

Sarah Delaughter 35

Rebbekah Delaughter 25

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 3 totals

This has been an incredibly hard week in my home town.

Here's why...

And one of my students, a year younger than Braylee in school, wrote a song in her memory, going to try and post it here

She'll make the list this week, being awarded 100 points, 50 for performing and 25 for writing a song and 25 for uploading it to the internet for others to share :)

With that I'd like to say how I believe music is therapeutic and helpful in times of distress, I personally am grateful for it in my own life and hope my students use it to help them cope during times of duress. May God be with each of you this summer! All my love, Ms. Lori

Maddie Dobbins 230

Holland Carter 50

Kaylea Vance 50

Emily Lewis 160

Lindsay Delaughter 45

Sarah Delaughter 35

Rebbekah Delaughter 25

Sidney Lewis 240

Gracen Carol 50 

Breana Stinchcomb 100

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Music Olympics week 2 totals!

Gracen Carol Performs at falls creek

And the standings are...

Maddie Dobbins 115

Holland Carter 50

Kaylea Vance 50

Emily Lewis 160

Lindsay Delaughter 40

Sarah Delaughter 30

Rebbekah Delaughter 20

Sidney Lewis 240

Gracen Carol 50 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Olympics week 1

The standings this week are.....

Maddie Dobbins 55

Holland Carter 50

Kaylea Vance 50

Emily Lewis 40

Lindsay Delaughter 30

Sarah Delaughter 20

Rebbekah Delaughter 10

Sidney Lewis 10

Some of the cool stuff coming in...

Sidney designed a music poster for her church camp...

We also have students getting theory books at Chisholm Trail music and completing the pages for 10 points each! Plus there was 10 points for going to a music store.

And here's a list of apps from one of my parents...great stuff, 5 points for a level completed or 10 min play time

Dr. Seuss Band
Treble Kids
Learn notes
Musical Me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music Olympics Summer 2012 Officially Begins Today!

Earn points all summer long (see list below). 
All ages complete against each other. 
Points are awarded by Ms. Lori when received via email, phone, youtube, or regular mail. 
phone 580 467 0631 
mail po box 793 velma ok 73491
email lorideevers@hotmail.com
can hand deliver things if you see me often :)
Each Tuesday this summer I will post on www.lorislessons.blogspot.com those participating and their points they’ve earned. You can earn points up until August 6th.
Winners will be announced on the website above on August 7th! 
Award medals will be delivered thereafter to the three highest scorers. Gold, Silver and Bronze!
Good luck, have a great musical summer!

5 points
10 minutes of practice time, adult supervised and timed. (up to 15 points a day awarded)
1 song played or sung from memory, can be previous recital pieces. Must be videoed.
Record you singing or playing the national anthem. 
Record you singing or playing a patriotic song. 
Learn a new song on your own.
Find pianos/guitars/musical things during your travels this summer and send me a picture.
10 points
Play for friends or family on July 4th a patriotic song (can be same one as used before)
Complete a music theory worksheet and send it to Ms. Lori or take a picture and email or message it via text message.
Research a composer. Write a paragraph about their lives and music. 
Make up a music game. Send it to me or take a picture.
Design musical tshirt on paper.
Visit a music store.
20 points
Compose a song. Write it down on paper. 
Make a musical tshirt. Take a picture and send it to me. 
Arrange a home recital for friends or family. Make a program. Send me pictures or the program.
Attend a music concert. Bring a program take a pic or video. 
50 points
Call and arrange a visit a nursing home and play the piano, guitar or sing( take your tracks and cd player or ipod speakers) for at least 10 min. Video if possible to verify.
Perform at church or another venue during the summer.
Teach a friend or a sibling or a parent a song on the piano, the new student must play the learned song for me.
I am open to more ideas and will award points as merited, feel free to ask me! 

Let the games begin.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

End of Year Recitals

Velma Recital
May 14 7pm in my home

all Velma Students

Duncan Recital
Immanuel Baptist Choir Room
May 15 the following students at the following times~

7:00- 7:20

A night of music at Cherry Berry Duncan

My Junior High/Upper Elementary Vocal Students Performed March 1st 

Holland Carter sang
The Show

Kaylea Vance sang 
Hold Me

Kyle Combest 

Kasidy Pemberton sang
Mighty to Save

It was a fabulous night! Thanks to those who came out and supported us!